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Would you be interested in our one-of-a-kind health and wellness services designed to supercharge your mental and physical health? Are you looking for a way to immerse fitness and mindfulness in your life?


Welcome to Falls Church Wellness Center: a place of healing, health and revitalization. Unlike many centers that focus purely on mental or physical health, we believe that combining both is one of the best ways to promote total healing. No matter where you are on the path to better health, we can offer you a helping hand to reach your end goal.


physical health

Our experienced practitioners can help your body in a number of ways, from reducing stress and anxiety, healing you of illness, and helping recover from injury.

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This includes individual, couples, family, and group counseling for children, adolescents and adults. We also provide mindfulness, meditation, and Alpha-Stim classes and sessions throughout the week.

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Build strength, gain back your flexibility and improve your range of motion. Interested in a support group instead? Make sure to check out our psychotherapy groups!

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Assistance for all ages


Whether you need support from our mental health experts for you and your child to get through a tough time, new ideas and methods to revamp your lifestyle or retired and looking to keep yourself from falling into unhealthy patterns, we are delighted to help you with all your mental and physical needs. We work with all ages and levels of ability, everyone in the community is always welcome. We believe in making a big difference in this world and we work closely with LGBT community as well.


Our health and wellness center is one of the best and brightest in the industry, and has something for everyone. We offer the largest treatment center for combined mental and physical healthcare in the DC Metro area. We proudly share our love by supporting veterans. We work with them closely to ensure they get the best services. We support TBI and Love Your Brain Foundation who are selflessly helping others realize their true potential. Love Your Brain is the message that embodies the optimistic view on brain injuries avoidance and treatment. Their programs are created to develop community, build stability, and assist individuals recognize the significance of loving your mind.



Practice Spotlight


Acupuncture promotes natural healing. It can enhance recuperative power and immunity, support physical and emotional health, and improve over function and well-being. Acupuncture has been associated with scenes of needles and painful massages. However, the actual process is not only soothing, but has been proven to help with a variety of problems people may face. If you have trouble with fertility, weight loss, pain management, anxiety, insomnia, or depression, acupuncture may be the answer that you’ve been seeking.


Acupuncture is usually shown in media as simply pressing painful needles into random spots on the body. This is incorrect. At our practice, needles are virtually painless, and their placement is carefully evaluated to alleviate your problem – whatever that problem may be. Let your first experience with acupuncture lull you into a sense of security – and encourage you to make it part of your lifestyle.


What if we told you that conventional approaches to medical treatment sometimes don’t go deep enough? Many of them simply treat surface symptoms and leave the root problems untouched. Acupuncture is the solution you need! Get in touch with us today! 703.300.0797 or  www.acuexperts.com/contact-us




These hour-long online support group meetings will include a
relaxation/mindfulness exercise. The support groups will offer a
facilitated open discussion led by a Licensed Professional Counselor

as well as an experienced Resident in Counseling.
When: Tuesdays 4/21-6/08 @ 7PM

Cost: $199/8 sessions

*In order to promote confidentiality and open sharing, this group will be limited to the original members.

Group space is limited!
Please register by 4/14/20
To reserve your space, contact either:

Jessica Stoler, Licensed Professional Counselor, CCTP-II

jstolerfcwc@gmail.com | 571-335-0580

Andrew Colsky, JD, LLM, MS, RC

acolsky@centerforprofessionalcounseling.com |571-527-8197

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