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Sarah Sutton MS, NBC-HWC, CPT (National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach and Faith-Based Transformation Coach)

What would it mean for your life and loved ones if you lived each day with confidence, energy, relaxation, and integrity? As a national board-certified health and wellness coach, I help bridge the gap from your pain, frustrations, and limiting beliefs TO your vision of ideal well-being. Said another way: Together we figure out how to translate health advice into easy, sustainable, personalized steps that add up to real life transformation and fulfillment at last. Some of my other credentials include: Certified Wellcoaches health and wellness coach (2005), faith-based transformation coach (2009), American Council on Exercise personal trainer (2001) and weight management specialist, with a Master’s degree in Exercise Science from The George Washington University (2005). I also have training as a CDC Diabetes Prevention Program lifestyle coach, and had a former life as a weight loss and fitness editor with Prevention magazine.

After my own 65-pound weight loss, I’ve maintained a focus on fitness that feels good (like yoga!), intuitive eating (which includes ice cream!), and body satisfaction, rather than size. Similarly, I specialize in helping clients uncover the interwoven pieces of sustainable weight management. I also help clients catch a breath of fresh air by ending their other chronic struggles and exploring all the dynamics that nurture you feeling fulfilled, which adds up to whole-life transformation. This includes how to balance your life roles, manage stress, live out your purpose and faith, relate and communicate well, manage your time, and organize your space.

I help you discover the real issues getting in your way, emotionally connect with your motivations to change, and permanently shift your thinking so that your actions have staying power. I would be thrilled to partner with you on your journey to radiant well-being.

You can learn more about my brand of coaching, including success stories and low-starch recipes from my own challenges navigating a prediabetes diagnosis, at www.TruceInc.com. I offer a 30-40 minute complimentary phone consultation. Contact me today to call your own Truce and get started! Phone 571-308-6075 or email sarah@truceinc.com.