Doris Yi, Reiki

Hello! My name is Doris and I am a 2nd degree Reiki practitioner. I am attuned in Usui Shiki Ryoho by a Reiki Master of 30 years who in the direct lineage. I stumbled upon Reiki while I was severely lost and confused in the life I was leading. Through Reiki, I found the peace and joy that I had been seeking all my life. I am passionate about sharing this newfound gift and wonderful feeling of freedom that I discovered. In my experience, I have worked with adults, children and animals. I assist in emotional, physical, mental and spiritual healing.


I am a member of IARP (International Association of Reiki Professionals). In addition to being certified in Reiki, I also am a dental hygienist. I received my Associates in Applied Sciences and my Bachelors in Psychology. Currently, I am working on attaining Master level of Reiki. I look forward to spreading the love that Reiki has to offer. I believe that the possibilities are unlimited and we have the ability to attain anything we want. I am excited to work with you and others to achieve any goal may you have. All sessions are extended 30 minutes to allow discussion before and after treatment.


Rates: $40/30 minutes, $80/hour, package: $275 for 4-1 hour sessions

Contact: Phone 703-975-7642 Email: