Cheryl Zandt, MS, NCC, Resident in Counseling

I am a compassionate and perceptive counselor with over a decade of experience. My collaborative, respectful, and empowering style of interaction can help you face the ambivalence which stands between you and how you want to feel. Drawing upon an eclectic combination of clinically recommended therapeutic models, I help you to make healthier, more fulfilling changes. To accommodate busy schedules, late night and weekend appointments are available, and are scheduled at intervals that work best for you and your goals.


I am a board certified counselor. After earning a BA in psychology at Wells College, I studied at Tübingen University for Hans Küng’s Global Ethic Project before earning an MDiv from Wesley Seminary. As licensed United Methodist clergy, I served as a hospital chaplain before completing an MS from Loyola University Maryland and beginning work as a pastoral counselor: clinical counseling which is open to all faith traditions and which recognizes a person’s religion or spirituality as one part of their overall identity. After several years of practice I received National Board Certification in 2010 and am currently under supervision with Michael Searby to complete a professional counseling license (LPC) in Virginia.


Using a combination of person-centered and CBT approaches, I work with adults addressing issues such as relieving severe anxiety (including OCD and panic attacks), problems in friendships and professional relationships, personal identity and life roles, women’s issues, religion and spirituality, major life changes, cultural expectations, and negative self-talk. Anxiety can convince us that it has a permanent and dominant role in our lives, but there are many effective treatment approaches that can offer tremendous relief.


Informed by a wealth of research that supports the best long-term outcomes, I help couples to explore many facets of their shared lives, including expectations and agreements about money, preferences for sex and intimacy, healthy and productive communication, sexless relationships, household roles and expectations, cultural and religious differences, health issues of one or both partners, coping with infidelity, shared goals, mutual and fair support, interactions with families of origin, children and parenting, fertility, changes that come with aging, ideal balance of work and free time, and shared traditions and celebrations.


Insurance information: As a counselor in residence, my professional services qualify for reimbursement out of network by most insurance policies. To ensure maximum flexibility in offering service best suited to your individual needs, I do not participate in-network with insurance panels. Reimbursement rates vary based on individual plan terms, but often offer generously comparable rates of coverage to in-network rates.