ABC’s of Self Care – Why YOU Matter!

June 21, 2018 MalgosiaB

by Yael Israel, Resident Counselor & Reiki Master.

Sometimes it’s okay to be selfish. Really, it’s okay. In fact it’s totally necessary. Feeling drained, fatigued or just simply out of sorts? It is time to put a simple mantra of self care in place. It’s so simple I call it the ABC’S of Self Care. 

A. Ask yourself what you want you can do to take care of yourself.

B. Breathe… It is free and when you focus on your breath you naturally focus on yourself.

C. Care for your number one. That’s you! The hardest part is making it part of your daily routine. Self care is as simple and as critical as brushing your teeth every day.

So, before or after you brush your teeth set aside some “me” time. Maybe it’s heading to the gym, a few minutes of mediation or drinking a cup of coffee. Be kind to yourself and I guarantee you will reap the benefits. We often lead busy lifestyles. We take care of our homes, vehicles, our relationships. Invest in yourself. Take a time out, your mind and body, which operate in tandem will thank you for keeping them aligned. And, guess who gets to determine what your self care looks like? Yourself! Want to know the benefits of self care? These are just a few to get you jumpstarted! Consider it emotional hygiene. Sleep, nutrition, exercise. They are all easy to neglect. Prevent burnout, boost your immune system and if you feel better you will be more productive and who doesn’t want to me more productive? Make figuring out what self care is best for you, part of your self care. That’s the great thing about it, it can be whatever makes you feel good. Take the time to nurture yourself and you will be better able to nurture those you surround yourself with. If nothing else, set aside some time to have fun, which is proven to reduce stress, increases the mind/body connection AND makes your mind and body feel better! So, make some free time and repeat “Me, Me, Me.” It is time to take care of you and it’s as easy as ABC.