Sustained a concussion?

July 3, 2018 MalgosiaB

By Yael Israel, MSW, RMT

Sustained a concussion? It’s not just a physical injury.  Surprised? It’s not uncommon to be treated for a concussion and released after a physical exam and or assessment has been done. It is critical to be mindful of the toll it takes on your mental health.  Don’t be afraid to speak up and speak out. Feeling funny? Not yourself? Easily agitated and unusually anxious? Interrupted or poor sleep? These are all common side effects of a concussion and they need management just like the hit you took to your head. You will get better, but it might take time and it’s important to take good care of your mind and body during this recovery period. It’s also not uncommon to feel better, resume normal activities and then regress slightly.

Listening to your mind and body and allowing proper breaks and rest to sustain a somewhat normal routine during the first few months at a minimum.  There is often plenty of grey area, and it all matters. No pun intended. Allow your brain to heal just like you would any other muscle in your body that is injured or strained. Hands on Your Health pays special attention to the matters of the mind so that you can return to your baseline cognitive and behavioral state prior to injury while mitigating challenges and providing the tools that you need to thrive on your road to recovery. Contact or visit for more information about healing both your mind and body post concussion or head injury.