Falls Church Wellness Center is owned by Licensed Professional Counselor, Jessica MacNair.  Falls Church Wellness Center was developed with the belief that physical health can have a positive and lasting influence on mental health. For years,  Jessica would find herself referring her clients to chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists and nutrition professionals all around the DC metro area.  After seeing how much more successful clients could be with a holistic approach to healthcare, she decided to better serve her clients by offering all of these services – and many more – under one roof.

In 2013, Jessica’s goal of offering the community a place for all their wellness needs became a reality with the opening of Falls Church Wellness Center.  The center quickly became a popular place where some of the area’s top wellness professionals (VIEW OUR TEAM PAGE) could practice together in one location. This allows clients to have easier access to vital mental and physical health services.

In less than one year after opening, Falls Church Wellness Center earned itself a reputation in the community for being the place to visit for comprehensive client-centered healthcare. Falls Church Wellness Center is now the largest professional treatment center for combined mental and physical healthcare in the DC metro area.

Jessica has selected the highest quality clinicians in their field for the Falls Church Wellness Center team. Additionally, clients receive the benefit of the team often working together to provide them with a comprehensive wellness path that includes a selection of services designed to benefit their unique needs. Falls Church Wellness Center currently serves more than 700 clients a month; and is now offering Fitness & Movement classes (VIEW OUR CLASS SCHEDULE), in their brand new studio. These classes are offered seven days a week, with convenient hours from early morning through evening.

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